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Wednesday, January 17, 2024

Billy Viscarra's wife receives criticism for expressing her opinion about Carlos Lampe

 Celita Guanella is the beautiful wife of The Strongest's goalkeeper, Billy Viscarra, and she doesn't hold back. In her TikTok Lives, the blonde speaks her mind without reservation.

However, this time, criticism was swift when she said, "Carlos Lampe is a top-notch goalkeeper for Bolívar, and I think they don't appreciate him. I hope he joins a team ten times bigger than Bolívar so they realize what they've lost."

But that wasn't all, as she continued and stated that the same thing happened to her husband. "It's the same with Billy; people enter my Live and comment, 'Please, Billy, come back to Bolívar,' but no, my love," she said.

Chela, as she is affectionately called, asserted that both she and her husband have a great friendship with Carlos Lampe.

The blonde's statements triggered famous haters to do their thing.

"Today I woke up and saw that I'm going viral. There are people telling me that I know nothing about football and that I should go cook. First, it's true that I know nothing about football; I never claimed to be a football expert. Second, I don't know how to cook either (laughs)," she began her video to respond to those who attacked her.

She also mentioned that she doesn't understand why people give so much importance to what she says on her TikTok. "I mean, if they say I'm ridiculous, maintained, ignorant about football, and everything they're saying, why does my opinion bother them?" she said.

Celita, with laughter, shared that they made her feel important and that she decides how to react to situations like this. She says she chooses to laugh it off. "You decided to give so much weight to my opinion; it's your decision," she concluded.

Viscarra's wife has more than 26,000 followers on her TikTok account and has shown that she speaks her mind, regardless of what others may say.

Sunday, January 14, 2024

Military Operation Uncovers Firearm at Residence of Renowned Footballer (Bryan Angulo)

 During a military operation conducted on the afternoon of Saturday, January 13, in the Santiago de Roldós cooperative, located to the south of the city, a house was raided, revealing a closed-circuit surveillance system. According to the officer in charge, this system was intended to monitor the area and alert criminal groups to any law enforcement incursion.

The operation was carried out discreetly, observed by curious neighbors who hesitated to enter their homes despite the armed personnel's persistent requests.

Inside the residence, a woman was also found in possession of a firearm and subsequently arrested. The officer explained that the detained individual claimed to have rented the house just two days prior and could not justify the presence of the pistol on the property. After completing the operation, the woman was transported in a bus under military custody to a nearby barracks.

Neighbors asserted that the house belongs to the footballer Brayan Angulo, currently playing for The Strongest club in Bolivia. Parked outside the residence was a luxury off-road vehicle, a Chevrolet Suburban with no plates and of Mexican origin.

An elderly man approached the site of the raid, expressing indignation. He identified himself as the footballer's grandfather and stated that if there was a firearm in the residence, it was for personal security, not due to connections with criminal groups. "Everything my grandson has achieved is thanks to football, not through anything illegal," he affirmed.

Monday, April 25, 2022

Bolivarism celebrates its beloved 'Liberator'.

 It could not be otherwise. The Bolivarista fans celebrated yesterday their beloved Simón Bolívar Libertador Stadium with a party and in one of its last functions, they celebrated a sentimental moment but also a moment of joy that they will never forget.

Nearly two hundred people gathered at the old stadium in the Tembladerani area at the call of the management, who decided to make the stadium the center of attention in the commemoration of the 97th anniversary of the La Paz team.

The doors of the stadium opened at 11:00 a.m. and entire families were present. All the celebration took place on the pitch. Sports dynamics such as soccer-tennis, penalty kicks and informal matches were organized there.

Around the field, foosball tables were installed and in another sector an improvised museum where the trophies won by the Academy throughout its history were exhibited. Attendees did not miss the opportunity to take the famous selfies.

There were also food outlets, the chola sandwich and the choripán, the most requested by diners. An exclusive point for tasting the club's muscatel wine and other snacks. Sale of official sports apparel and other attractions.

After midday, the musical festival began. Los Juglares del Sur opened the event with a folkloric rhythm, the show was also animated by Grupo Hit, Son Mestizo, Hermanos Romero, DJ Danilo Mix and the central act was in charge of the famous tropical singer Jorge Eduardo who made the crowd dance with songs that are part of the musical repertoire of the academics such as 'Bolivarista señores soy yo' or 'Celeste a morir'. The activity lasted all afternoon and closed around 19.00.

"Ninety-seven years are not celebrated every day, the party in Tembladerani is to celebrate this great stadium because its essence is not going away and will remain the same forever, the demolition has not yet proceeded so we will continue to carry out some other final activities," said marketing manager Mariano Alvarez.

The people vibrated with the entertainment numbers, but also expressed their sentimentality for the history captured in this old building that was Bolivar's home for more than 40 years.

"Tembla is leaving us, it is sad for all that we lived here but also fill us with happiness because they will build a better one," said Veimar Chuquimia.

"As a child I came to see the Academy here with my dad, who is no longer with me but they are unique moments that we will never forget, Tembladerani forever," emphasized Yuri de la Gasca.

The ladies are also fans and were not left out: "For me this stadium and Bolívar are everything and I am going to celebrate to the max, long live Bolívar and Tembla," said Albita Quiroz. 

It was one of the last events to be held at the stadium, which will be demolished at the end of the month or beginning of May to make way for the construction of the new sky-blue temple.

Bolivarism celebrates its beloved 'Liberator'.

Bolivarism celebrates its beloved 'Liberator'.

Friday, April 22, 2022

At her hotel Salqui, Ines Quispe says she will return to Tigre in two years

 The former president of The Strongest reappeared and said that she will continue the legacy of César Salinas (+). 

What am I going to take away from this life? He asks himself. "Nothing," she answers. That's why Inés Quispe de Salinas is convinced: "In about two years I will return (to Tigre) because it's what I like". Although she is saddened by her club's current situation, the former president of The Strongest is motivated "because I'm a die-hard stronguista". At a party organized by her children - at her hotel Salqui Resort Mecapaca - the businesswoman says she wants to continue the soccer legacy of her husband César Salinas (+).

"He was in charge of making me like the sport and the truth is that I will return, but not now. In two years it is in my plans to return", she reinforces. Flower petals cover almost all her hair.  She is the queen of her party. "This is a surprise my children made for me. They gave me the surprise of my life," she laughs.

The band Veneno plays music to her dialogue.  "The truth is that I left the institution for health reasons", she explains while listening: "People say that I am a stronguista at heart...".

For a year and two months, Quispe (April 19, 1964) has been following his Tigre from the stands. "First there was my health and now I feel fine, but I always have some treatments to comply with and then I'll be back," she insists.

Quispe is the first female president (July 2019-February 2021) in the history of the dean club of Bolivian professional soccer.

"In this time, the club has changed a lot and time will be in charge of judging the people who did things in a bad way", he protests, remembering that "I didn't even receive an invitation for Tigre's anniversary (April 8). It is a very unfortunate situation I am going through, not economically, but emotionally because the club I love did not even give me an invitation. But well... that's the least of it. I will continue to be a stronguista to death and I will finish with that. I left so that they manage well and continue to do things well. There were some tax debts, but there were not many anymore. It was a matter of complying a little more and keep going forward".

Elections in Tigre

"There should be elections at the club. Two months ago or last year I went to visit the president (of the Bolivian Football Federation) Fernando Costa to ask him to hold elections in the club because that would be ideal", reveals the businesswoman who at the end of last year finalized the purchase of the Hotel Andino, from the leader of Unidad Demócrata (UD) Samuel Doria Medina. 

The former head of Tigre explained that her term of office "expired in November last year. So, now there should be elections in the institution, as it should be, but they have liked the chair, the power.... I don't know how far it will take them".

Last year he interrupted his leadership career that began in 2014, in the administrative section of the club.

Will he run in the elections?

"No, two years from now because I have several things pending because I know how to measure my times, my urgencies and then I will gladly do it," he responds to the query of journalist Victor Hugo Mendoza, of the DXTV program. "God willing, I will come back because I like soccer, so I will come back", he says goodbye to return to the party with approximately 300 guests. 

, Ines Quispe says she will return to Tigre in two years

Wednesday, April 13, 2022

Marcelo Robledo in Brazil: "We are a very humble team (...) We don't even have a field".

 Independiente's technical director spoke after the loss to Palmeiras 

The Bolivian champion Independiente had a night of terror on Tuesday at the Allianz Parque in Sao Paulo, where they were beaten 8-1 by Palmeiras of Brazil in the second round of the Copa Libertadores.

El Matador started winning with a goal by Erik Correa 6 minutes into the match, but could not sustain the difference in the scoreboard and was overwhelmed by a Brazilian team superior in all aspects.

This was confirmed by Independiente's technical director, Marcelo Robledo, at the press conference after the match.

He emphasized that the first half of the team from Chuquisaca was "the best in our history", highlighting that this is "a new team and we are facing the champion (of America)".

    "It wasn't in the plans such a tremendous thrashing," acknowledged Robledo, also emphasizing the experience and talent of the Brazilian players. "They are all a machine," he added.

For Robledo, the Independiente team had "neither the intelligence nor the capacity" to sustain at least the draw and the goal at the beginning of the second half ended up derailing everything that had been planned.

    "We are a very humble team, we are looking for a field to be able to train on a daily basis, we don't even have a field (...) We had talked about it that if we found ourselves with this possibility (of taking the lead), we had to defend it to the maximum", said the coach.

Thus, Robledo analyzed Independiente's defeat and then returned to the country to face their next match, on Saturday, against Always Ready, in El Alto. For the Copa Libertadores they will play again on Tuesday, April 26, against Deportivo Táchira of Venezuela, at the Patria stadium in Sucre.

Marcelo Robledo Palmeiras

Monday, April 11, 2022

Carlos Arias: "I survived twice in less than a year".

 The former goalkeeper of Blooming, Bolívar, Oriente, The Strongest and the Bolivian national team recovered from Covid-19 and an accident that caused burns all over his body. 

Life has given Carlos Arias a new opportunity and he does not miss it. He is slowly returning to normality after a serious work accident that almost cost him his life. It was a complicated moment, but he is getting better and better, and jovial as always, he attended us to talk for a while.

The renowned goalkeeper is now behind him, although the unforgettable moments in soccer are always at hand to relive them. It is not for less, he was goalkeeper of the most important teams of the country and also played in Spain and Israel. At the age of 18 he became national champion and was the goalkeeper of the Bolivian national team for a long time.

El Pollo' played for Blooming, The Strongest, Bolívar, Maccabi Netanya, Córdoba C.F., Oriente Petrolero, Guabirá and Sport Boys Warnes.

But he moved away from the courts and started a new life, with private enterprises such as the broasted chicken shops he runs. It was precisely in one of them where he suffered the accident that almost cost him his life and left him with scars that he still suffers in the flesh.

 "I survived twice in less than a year", says the 42 year old Portachueleño, and tells that first it was the Covid-19 that squeezed his lungs and then the accident in his restaurant "Pollo" Arias in which the flames almost extinguished his existence.

Three months after the accident, he still has after-effects. Carlos is optimistic, with faith in God and grateful to all those who gave him a helping hand when he needed it most.

Pollo relives the accident as a terrible movie. He has very clear images...

-I remember that I went out in the middle of the fire; when the gas was mixed with the fire I received a blow that knocked me backwards. I understood that I had fallen because I wanted to get up but I couldn't, maybe it was because of the kitchen floor... it was a desperation, a screaming on my part... When I managed to stand up I saw fire everywhere and the first thing I did was to run for it.

Did you lose consciousness?

-No, not at any moment, because after I heard the cylinder start to ring I went in to turn it off because of the serious danger it meant, because there were more cylinders in the place and one thinks that everything is going to explode.

What caused it all?

-They are accidents that happen. They thought that the cylinder was closed but it had been turned... I fought and fought but it was too late because the fire broke out because the 'flamazo', as they call it when gas accumulated in the kitchen. I went out, ran, went back in, called for help, I wanted them to call the ambulance. At one point I could not stand it any longer and they took me to the Ucebol clinic where they gave me first aid; then I was in the Caja Petrolera de Salud receiving great attention.

How much of your body was affected by the fire?

-I ended up burning almost 70% of my body with second degree wounds and only one third degree wound (the most serious). Thank God now I only have the after-effects of the burn spots. I have to wear bandages on both arms for several more months to protect me from the sun, because it cannot hit me directly; they are bandages that apply pressure and prevent further damage to my skin.

She stands up and shows the upper part of her arms, on the left one she has places where the skin has not yet completely regenerated and permanently has blisters.

Was your life in danger?

-Yes, my life was in danger. Hours after the accident I had the first emergency cleaning..., I really could not stand so much pain because there were many wounds and they were very big. The next day they had to sedate me and intubate me to be able to perform a total cleaning; but the bad thing was that I had a cardiac arrhythmia, that's why I was in intensive care for three days.

A complicated moment...

-Of course, I was saved, thank God.

And what is happening now, three months after the event?

-On April 5 it was three months since the accident, after which I started to walk, jog and even ride a bicycle, trying to get back to almost normality... it will be normality for me when I can go back to practicing the sports I like, without having to run away from the sun.

The important thing is that everything is evolving well?

-My vital organs are perfect. When I went into the operating room for the first time, on January 8, I suffered a cardiac arrhythmia, I suddenly became hypertensive because I had played 18 years in professional soccer and we always had complete examinations before starting each preseason, but they had never detected any problem in my heart. The doctors explained to me that this was normal because of the accident I had suffered, in which the body loses many of its properties, so it is normal for the heart to start beating faster to recover everything it needs.

And how long will you need for a full recovery?

-I have been told at Cerniquem that it will take between 8 months and a year for me to recover the dermis and epidermis I lost. The burns leave stains, scars, but I am not really worried about whether I am stained or not; what is most important for me today is that I am alive and that I have another chance in this world after life has hit me so hard in one year.

What happened before...?

-In April 2021 I was attacked by Covid, which affected 85% of my lungs... I almost died because I had to be intubated with so much lung involvement. A doctor told me that it was a miracle that with 85% of my lungs affected and that they had not intubated me... But of course, I needed oxygen at home, they put me on 15 medications a day.

But at the end of the year you were fine?

-Of course, in December I went to play the Oriente-Blooming classic in Naples (United States), I was hit by Covid again, on December 30 I tested negative and on January 5 this happened to me (the accident in your restaurant)... so I came back beaten up.

But you always received a lot of support and affection?

-In all this the support of the family is very important, my wife, children, siblings, many relatives and -of course- so many friends who collaborated; I am grateful to all of them for these shows of solidarity in Santa Cruz, in the interior of the country... they have helped us to alleviate the burden because, as you know, a person died and the relatives have to be compensated. The expenses were impressive because although I had insurance in the Caja Petrolera (my wife had insured me 3 days ago) but the medicines were not covered by the insurance, precisely because of a matter of seniority; anyway, we saved a lot because I needed an operating room five times, specialists and so many expenses that an event of this nature demands.

But you are getting ahead...

-God knows why things happen... and at the end of the day he will know when I am going to leave. Look, in one year I was on the brink of the abyss in the two most serious deaths: drowning (lack of oxygen from the Covid) and burning alive. If you ask me which of the two (deaths) is the ugliest...I really don't know because in both cases the feeling is horrible.

Did what happened to you in a year change your life or did it change the way you look at life?

-I see it like this: although I don't consider myself an angel, I'm not a thumper, I'm not a rogue, I'm not a crook, I try to be fair with people, I've always believed in God. Living a year in Israel changed my mentality about religion: if the Arabs had discovered America, we would be of the Muslim religion, the same as if the Jews had discovered the end it is all that they inculcate in us; the Spaniards arrived first and introduced us to Christianity. There is a God and I believe in him because he saved me, that's why I try to be fair and supportive.

Carlos Arias

Saturday, April 9, 2022

Pablo Salomón, the first person apprehended in the 'audios' case

 The former ACF executive was sued by Fernando Costa, president of the FBF, who filed a lawsuit against him for extortion and criminal association.

Pablo Salomón, former president of the Asociación Cruceña de Fútbol (ACF) and former executive of the Federación Boliviana de Fútbol (FBF), was arrested by the police this Friday in compliance with the arrest warrant executed on April 5 by Lupe Zabala, from the Departmental Prosecutor's Office of La Paz.

Salomón was sued by Fernando Costa, president of the FBF, who initiated legal proceedings against him for criminal association and extortion.

This matter has to do with the audios that were made public at the beginning of the year and that point to the current head of the federation in match-fixing in the last championship and in the purchase of votes for the elections that took place at the end of January.

It was learned that Salomón will be transferred to the Government headquarters to give his statement on the case and that the same fate will have other defendants such as Hormando Vaca Díez, Mary Cruz Soleto, Óscar Ardaya and Miguel Alberto Lozada, who also have an arrest warrant.

Pablo Salomón

Wednesday, March 30, 2022

Marcelo Martins, top scorer of the World Cup qualifiers

 The national team striker finished the competition with ten goals, ahead of players such as Neymar, Leo Messi, Lautaro Martínez, Luis Suárez, among others.

The 18th date of the qualifiers for the World Cup Qatar 2022 was completed and Marcelo Martins remained at the top of the scoring charts with ten goals. We cannot yet say that he finished as the top scorer of the competition, because the match between Brazil and Argentina, which was suspended last year, has yet to be played.

And the fact is that both the Verdeamarilla and the Albiceleste have players who aim to dethrone the captain of La Verde, the case of the Brazilian Neymar, who has eight goals, in addition to the Argentines Lionel Messi and Lautaro Martinez, who have scored seven goals. Uruguay's Luis Suárez has eight goals, but his national team has no more matches pending.

Martins was unable to score against Brazil on Tuesday, but he remains the top scorer in the qualifiers and the all-time top scorer for La Verde with 30 goals between friendly and official matches.

The first goal of the 'Matador' in these qualifiers was against Argentina, in La Paz, on October 13, 2020; then he scored another against Ecuador, also at the Government headquarters, on November 12, 2020.

His third goal was scored against Paraguay, in Asuncion, on November 17, 2020; then he scored a goal against Chile, on March 26, 2021, in Rancagua.

He scored two goals against Venezuela in La Paz, on June 3, 2021; then he scored again against the Chilean national team, in Santiago, on June 8, 2021; while his eighth goal was against Uruguay, in Montevideo, on September 5, 2021; and it was the Charrúa team that suffered his ninth goal, in La Paz, on November 16, 2021.

Marcelo Martins' tenth goal in these qualifiers came against Chile, in La Paz, on February 1 this year, which was also his last goal in the qualifiers for the Qatar 2022 World Cup.

Marcelo Martins,