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Tuesday, April 23, 2024

Flamengo's Strategy to Face Bolívar

 The Brazilian team reported that due to the technical committee's planning, several starting players will not travel to La Paz. Two of them will be absent due to medical issues.

Flamengo is avoiding the altitude of La Paz. They had to endure it in Bogotá and ended up suffering. The Brazilian team brought several oxygen tanks to assist their players. Now, for the third match of the Copa Libertadores against Bolívar, the club revealed its planning prior to the trip.

According to Flamengo's social media posts, 7 players who are usually starters will not be present in La Paz. Two of them due to medical issues and the other 5 due to a planning "always guided by science in the pursuit of maximum performance."

"Flamengo reports that athletes Allan, who shows sickle cell traits that could impair performance at altitude, and Léo Pereira, with a viral illness, will not travel to Bolivia. Athletes Varela, Ayrton Lucas, Erick, Arrascaeta, and Pedro will also not be on the list according to the technical committee's planning, always guided by science in the pursuit of maximum performance," the club highlighted on its X account.

Planning that would harm Millonarios

Bolívar celebrates that Flamengo won't go with their starters. Flavio Robatto did it when he found out that Millonarios wouldn't have Mackalister Silva, now he would do it with the important starters of the Brazilian club. The Bolivian team is leading Group E with 6 points after the victory against Palestino in Chile and the triumph against the ambassadors in Bolivia.

Flamengo will have to go to take points away, Millonarios would also need the Bolivian club not to add more points. However, the first thing the blues have to do is win in Chile against Palestino, then they will face Bolívar in El Campín and there could be some difference.

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