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Wednesday, January 17, 2024

Billy Viscarra's wife receives criticism for expressing her opinion about Carlos Lampe

 Celita Guanella is the beautiful wife of The Strongest's goalkeeper, Billy Viscarra, and she doesn't hold back. In her TikTok Lives, the blonde speaks her mind without reservation.

However, this time, criticism was swift when she said, "Carlos Lampe is a top-notch goalkeeper for Bolívar, and I think they don't appreciate him. I hope he joins a team ten times bigger than Bolívar so they realize what they've lost."

But that wasn't all, as she continued and stated that the same thing happened to her husband. "It's the same with Billy; people enter my Live and comment, 'Please, Billy, come back to Bolívar,' but no, my love," she said.

Chela, as she is affectionately called, asserted that both she and her husband have a great friendship with Carlos Lampe.

The blonde's statements triggered famous haters to do their thing.

"Today I woke up and saw that I'm going viral. There are people telling me that I know nothing about football and that I should go cook. First, it's true that I know nothing about football; I never claimed to be a football expert. Second, I don't know how to cook either (laughs)," she began her video to respond to those who attacked her.

She also mentioned that she doesn't understand why people give so much importance to what she says on her TikTok. "I mean, if they say I'm ridiculous, maintained, ignorant about football, and everything they're saying, why does my opinion bother them?" she said.

Celita, with laughter, shared that they made her feel important and that she decides how to react to situations like this. She says she chooses to laugh it off. "You decided to give so much weight to my opinion; it's your decision," she concluded.

Viscarra's wife has more than 26,000 followers on her TikTok account and has shown that she speaks her mind, regardless of what others may say.

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