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Friday, April 22, 2022

At her hotel Salqui, Ines Quispe says she will return to Tigre in two years

 The former president of The Strongest reappeared and said that she will continue the legacy of César Salinas (+). 

What am I going to take away from this life? He asks himself. "Nothing," she answers. That's why Inés Quispe de Salinas is convinced: "In about two years I will return (to Tigre) because it's what I like". Although she is saddened by her club's current situation, the former president of The Strongest is motivated "because I'm a die-hard stronguista". At a party organized by her children - at her hotel Salqui Resort Mecapaca - the businesswoman says she wants to continue the soccer legacy of her husband César Salinas (+).

"He was in charge of making me like the sport and the truth is that I will return, but not now. In two years it is in my plans to return", she reinforces. Flower petals cover almost all her hair.  She is the queen of her party. "This is a surprise my children made for me. They gave me the surprise of my life," she laughs.

The band Veneno plays music to her dialogue.  "The truth is that I left the institution for health reasons", she explains while listening: "People say that I am a stronguista at heart...".

For a year and two months, Quispe (April 19, 1964) has been following his Tigre from the stands. "First there was my health and now I feel fine, but I always have some treatments to comply with and then I'll be back," she insists.

Quispe is the first female president (July 2019-February 2021) in the history of the dean club of Bolivian professional soccer.

"In this time, the club has changed a lot and time will be in charge of judging the people who did things in a bad way", he protests, remembering that "I didn't even receive an invitation for Tigre's anniversary (April 8). It is a very unfortunate situation I am going through, not economically, but emotionally because the club I love did not even give me an invitation. But well... that's the least of it. I will continue to be a stronguista to death and I will finish with that. I left so that they manage well and continue to do things well. There were some tax debts, but there were not many anymore. It was a matter of complying a little more and keep going forward".

Elections in Tigre

"There should be elections at the club. Two months ago or last year I went to visit the president (of the Bolivian Football Federation) Fernando Costa to ask him to hold elections in the club because that would be ideal", reveals the businesswoman who at the end of last year finalized the purchase of the Hotel Andino, from the leader of Unidad Demócrata (UD) Samuel Doria Medina. 

The former head of Tigre explained that her term of office "expired in November last year. So, now there should be elections in the institution, as it should be, but they have liked the chair, the power.... I don't know how far it will take them".

Last year he interrupted his leadership career that began in 2014, in the administrative section of the club.

Will he run in the elections?

"No, two years from now because I have several things pending because I know how to measure my times, my urgencies and then I will gladly do it," he responds to the query of journalist Victor Hugo Mendoza, of the DXTV program. "God willing, I will come back because I like soccer, so I will come back", he says goodbye to return to the party with approximately 300 guests. 

, Ines Quispe says she will return to Tigre in two years

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