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Monday, January 31, 2022

Great victory for Bolivia against Peru in the Copa América de Futsal

 It is the first victory that Green has added in an international competition after five years and is in the race to qualify for the semifinals

Bolivia defeated Peru on Sunday by 4 goals to 3, in the development of the second date of Group B of the Copa América de Futsal that is played in Asunción (Paraguay). La Verde, returned to achieve an international victory after five years.

The last time that Bolivia won in a tournament of these characteristics, it was in 2017 for the Futsal America Cup in San Juan (Argentina).

On that occasion, the team had two wins: against Chile (2-1) for Group A and against Ecuador (3-1) for seventh place.

Returning to the win against Peru, the match was played at the SND Arena and had it all: from going from a comfortable lead for La Verde with two goals to first being traced back (2-3) and then turning it around to win (4-3). ).

Bolivia's starting quintet was formed by: Ramiro Mendivil (goalkeeper), Miguel Padilla, Raúl Ardaya, Luis Florero and José Herrera.

For Peru they started: Julio Tizon (goalkeeper), Jorge Aguilar, Junior Ulloa, Ángel Angulo and Xavier Tavera.


Those led by coach Mauricio Arnez had a great start, because after Saturday's loss to Argentina, La Verde had to win to continue in the fight to qualify for the semifinals.

Bolivia surprised by going up on the scoreboard thanks to a goal from Padilla, who only had to push the ball with an empty goal after a magnificent play by Florero to leave his rivals on the road (4').

The match continued back and forth, but with a Bolivia that owns the best goalscoring actions and therefore reached the second with Ardaya (6'), who from the center feinted to the right to define crosswise (2-0) .

From that moment the Green grew and had a couple of more chances, but his shots were deflected.


Having forgiven cost them dearly because at 17 ' Sebastián Obando discounted for Peru from a free kick.

Already in the second half, at 2 ', Peru equalized the match with a goal from Hugo Barrientos, who with a strong shot beat Mendivil by scoring through the middle of his legs (2-2).

From that moment on, the match was another with a Peruvian team that took possession of the ball and at 6 'they received a penalty in favor of the hand of Saúl Gareca. Tavera was in charge of scoring and turning the score around (2-3).

With that result, Bolivia faded and Mendivil became a figure with his interventions until at 15 'Carlos Ramos equalized the match by pushing the ball after a shot by Florero (3-3).

This emboldened the Bolivian team that went all out on the attack and scored the winning goal at 19’ with Herrera, who beat the goalkeeper after a backheel pass from Florero (4-3).

Peru tried to tie by putting a goalkeeper-player on the field, but he did not achieve his goal.

La Verde's third game will be this Monday against Paraguay (12:00 Bolivian time).

Great victory for Bolivia against Peru

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