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Monday, April 25, 2022

Bolivarism celebrates its beloved 'Liberator'.

 It could not be otherwise. The Bolivarista fans celebrated yesterday their beloved Simón Bolívar Libertador Stadium with a party and in one of its last functions, they celebrated a sentimental moment but also a moment of joy that they will never forget.

Nearly two hundred people gathered at the old stadium in the Tembladerani area at the call of the management, who decided to make the stadium the center of attention in the commemoration of the 97th anniversary of the La Paz team.

The doors of the stadium opened at 11:00 a.m. and entire families were present. All the celebration took place on the pitch. Sports dynamics such as soccer-tennis, penalty kicks and informal matches were organized there.

Around the field, foosball tables were installed and in another sector an improvised museum where the trophies won by the Academy throughout its history were exhibited. Attendees did not miss the opportunity to take the famous selfies.

There were also food outlets, the chola sandwich and the choripán, the most requested by diners. An exclusive point for tasting the club's muscatel wine and other snacks. Sale of official sports apparel and other attractions.

After midday, the musical festival began. Los Juglares del Sur opened the event with a folkloric rhythm, the show was also animated by Grupo Hit, Son Mestizo, Hermanos Romero, DJ Danilo Mix and the central act was in charge of the famous tropical singer Jorge Eduardo who made the crowd dance with songs that are part of the musical repertoire of the academics such as 'Bolivarista señores soy yo' or 'Celeste a morir'. The activity lasted all afternoon and closed around 19.00.

"Ninety-seven years are not celebrated every day, the party in Tembladerani is to celebrate this great stadium because its essence is not going away and will remain the same forever, the demolition has not yet proceeded so we will continue to carry out some other final activities," said marketing manager Mariano Alvarez.

The people vibrated with the entertainment numbers, but also expressed their sentimentality for the history captured in this old building that was Bolivar's home for more than 40 years.

"Tembla is leaving us, it is sad for all that we lived here but also fill us with happiness because they will build a better one," said Veimar Chuquimia.

"As a child I came to see the Academy here with my dad, who is no longer with me but they are unique moments that we will never forget, Tembladerani forever," emphasized Yuri de la Gasca.

The ladies are also fans and were not left out: "For me this stadium and Bolívar are everything and I am going to celebrate to the max, long live Bolívar and Tembla," said Albita Quiroz. 

It was one of the last events to be held at the stadium, which will be demolished at the end of the month or beginning of May to make way for the construction of the new sky-blue temple.

Bolivarism celebrates its beloved 'Liberator'.

Bolivarism celebrates its beloved 'Liberator'.


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