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Wednesday, March 30, 2022

Qualifiers: Bolivia 0 - 4 Brasil

 An unpresentable version of Bolivia was seen yesterday in La Paz. There is no future for the 2026 qualifiers.

The ordeal is over, the end of one of Bolivia's worst qualifying rounds. An unpresentable national team lost 4-0 last night against Brazil at the Hernando Siles stadium, something that was a foregone conclusion due to the low level of Bolivian soccer, which once again places it among the last teams in South America.

The limitations of the Bolivian national team were even more evident against an opponent of hierarchy, which embarrassed them more than once in the first part of the match.

It was enough for the Canarinha to have possession of the ball and play it with precision, hiding the ball from La Verde, who did not know what to do on the field.

What a nostalgia for those Bolivian teams that beat Brazil three times in the Siles stadium, but with attitude, desire to win, something that the team coached by César Farías lacked until last night.

The Venezuelan failed again in the formation of the team, stubborn as he is he trained with a group since Friday and put other men last night. A clear example was the absence of Ramiro Vaca from the start.

In spite of all the bad things, the best of the Bolivian team was the insistence of Henry Vaca, tireless in his task and the most incisive on the field.

The Canarinha goals

 Brazil measured the tempo and scored when Bolivia least expected it. A warning came after 12 minutes with a shot by Antony that left Sagredo and Fernandez standing still.

Bolivia's best was a play by Henry Vaca, who was left alone, but Alisson responded without problems.

The first goal of the night was a combination of Guimaraes and Fabinho that left Lucas Paqueta alone and he easily beat Cordano (23').

Before the break (44'), Richarlison broke free and Antony scored the second against an unimpressive Bolivian team.

Second half

Bolivia's best were the first 15 minutes of the second half. The presence of Ramiro Vaca changed the tone of La Verde. After two minutes, a header by Martins crashed against the left post. After ten minutes came the best play of the night with a shot by Ramiro Vaca that was saved by the Brazilian goalkeeper and from the rebound Roberto Fernandez was unable to finish.

Brazil showed its forcefulness again and took advantage of a bad start by the Bolivian players to score the third of the night through Bruno Guimaraes (20') and the match was already looking like a rout for the Canarinha.

Gabriel spared Bolivia's life in the final part of the match with a couple of plays that did not end in a goal only by luck in Cordano's goal.

The one who did not forgive was Richarlison in the time limit to seal the Brazilian victory, the biggest in the history of the qualifiers in Paceño territory.

Farias said that he is leaving a team for three cycles, something that is not true. With this group of players we are expecting the same or worse in the next qualifiers. The problem is the weak structure of Bolivian soccer that will continue in the same way, as long as the federation leadership does not present a serious project. 

Bolivia 0 - 4 Brasil

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